About Mp4mania

  • Mp4mania has hundreds of Bollywood and Hollywood movies in many genres. It is simple and elegant, but it has many other advantages that make it stand apart from other similar portals.
  • Mp4mania is an illegal website that leaked Hindi and English movies. It also released Tamil, Telugu (Malayalam), Kannada, Gujarati and Punjabi movies. The notorious mp4mania is a widespread problem in India.
  • The user can download movies and also stream live at any time. The film will not be downloaded in HD quality. It will only be available in 1080p and 720p resolutions.

Features of Mp4mania

  1. Mp4mania has many Bollywood and Hollywood movies that you can download without any restrictions.
  2. Movies in different languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, etc. There are many options. For those who prefer to watch movies in their native languages, dubbed movies can be obtained.
  3. Mp4mania’s most appealing feature is live streaming. This website allows users to stream movies live, even if they don’t want to download them.

Is Mp4mania com illegal?

Mp4mania com, a pirated site, is a felony offense. Mp4mania is also an illegal website. All content posted to this site is a reproduction from the source without the permission of the fabric proprietor.

In reality, the platform offers all new movies for free and attracts tons holidaymakers every day. It also has a rating on the pirated pages.

Illegal web sites often change their location and release movies on their web site. The illegal websites make it impossible to trade movies. Pirated websites not only leak movies, but also TV reveals and net collection.

Best Legal Alternatives of Mp4Mania


Zee5 was launched by Essel Group in 2018. This website is popular with people who enjoy watching movies and tv series. Users can also stream movies and tv series from the website.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a great solution for users who want to access illegal torrent sites and expose their identities. Amazon Prime Videos can be the best option for anyone trying to download movies or videos of any other kind. This website is managed by Amazon and American.


Mp4mania can be beaten by Netflix. This is because Netflix’s use is completely free and secure. This business offers a subscription-based video service to all consumers worldwide. Netflix now has a total number of 148,000,000 paying subscribers from all over the globe, according to a survey.

Mx Player

MX Player, an Indian mobile app, is a media streaming service owned by time groups. This website is a top-rated one, and almost every Indian cell phone user uses it. This website allows users to download movies and other entertainment videos.

How does Mp4mania New Link operate?

  • Mp4mania’s website now has a large network of people who have been assigned to specific tasks. They are located in all parts of the country, but mainly in small towns.
  • Mp4mania’s website server is located in the United States. The entire piracy network operates out of India. When the movie was first released on the Mp4mania website in 2001, people recorded sections of the movies from small theatres.
  • The movie is shot in sections at different theatres. After that, the film is edited using video editing software. After the film has been edited, it will then be uploaded via proxy servers or VPN servers. This is done to hide their identity as well as IP address on Mp4mania’s new link.