Top Ten Business Women in India & their professionalism

This year’s top ten business women in India are: Jhana Murthy, managing director and chief executive officer of Reliance Communications; Subodh Gupta, chief executive officer and managing director of Reliance Infrastructure; Gopi Sundaram, chairperson and managing director of Omaxe Limited; Priyadarshan Srinivasan, founder and managing director of Synergy Group; Manish Shroff, co-founder and managing director of Newbridge Ventures Ltd.

The top ten business women in India are a diverse group. Women from all across the country have reached the top ten on this list, including women from the most financially vulnerable sector of the Indian economy manual labor. While the business world is a comparatively new place for these women, their success stories represent a growing trend for women in business.

 Top ten list features

The top ten list features Indian women with extensive professional experience in various fields, including medicine, engineering, and banking.

  •  the women on the list share is their ability to think creatively. They know how to build team spirit among colleagues and use innovative ways to overcome obstacles. They also know that business is not just about making money. It is also about helping people and being part of a community that shares their interests.
  • Another trait shared by the top ten women in India is resilience. They know how to deal with crisis and adversity and emerge victorious. It helps women succeed in leadership roles.
  •  Indian industry is starting to open up and women are now holding more executive and managerial positions than ever before.
  • Women are also increasingly taking an active role within their own families. They are leaving the dangerous environment of child rearing and entering the world of home-based business and enterprise.
  • The rising popularity of Indian television has also helped women to realize their dreams of owning their own businesses.

factors that contribute to the popularity of the top ten business women

These successful women are also making contributions to the progress of the nation. These top ten women in India include doctors, teachers, engineers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, financial professionals, and more. Each one of these women brings something unique to the table that contributes to the greater good of the nation.

The ten on the top of the list are all members of the Indian Royal College of Psychiatrists. This prestigious institution has been helping people with mental disorders for over three decades. Another woman on the top ten list is Dr. Manjishtha, founder of Motherwell Health Services Pvt Ltd. After being in business for the last thirty years, she has managed to expand her business successfully and bring it to all corners of the country.

One of the most prominent personalities on the list is Lakshmi Menon, founder of Infosys.  She went on to become one of the best-performing executives of that company and currently she is the President and Managing Director of the company. Another woman on the top ten is Sajjan Verma, former CFO of Synergy Research Group. As a result of her vast experience in finance and accounting, she has been appointed as the CFO of Synergy Research India Limited which is one of the leading investment companies in the country.

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