With the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI), intelligent machines or robots, everything has changed for humans and the world market. The ability of machines to learn and perform human tasks is truly incredible and its applications are diverse and interesting for our lives. In fact, the Turing Test shows that more and more people think like humans and have a natural language with many practical applications.

These expert systems think rationally and are usually better at solving problems than humans. It seems like a science fiction fact but there are systems that think – through neural network systems – and use machine learning to solve problems, handle large amounts of data.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of artificial intelligence: Weak artificial intelligence , which is one where built machines are capable of solving problems through behavior that may or may not imitate our intelligence, and strong artificial intelligence , which is capable of matching or exceed human intelligence and makes any machine able to carry out any intellectual task that humans naturally perform.

AI offers us a number of advantages that are worth taking advantage of. This time we will tell you why artificial intelligence is important.

What is AI?

It is the intelligence that machines (or systems that think) have to imitate human behavior and be a kind of intelligent agents that act in solving problems and carrying out tasks, among other things; It might seem all science fiction, but the truth is that even Stephen Hawking himself has been personally interested in this matter and companies such as Coca-Cola are beginning to implement it in their growth strategy, see as an example the Coca Cola jorney , where the famous brand of soft drinks uses artificial intelligence in vending machines. All this is created by algorithms used in the computing area, with 3 key elements:

The computer systems
The data and their management
Advanced AI algorithms or codes

Data management and processing capacity will depend on how similar your human behavior is. If it is older, the management will be too.

Why is Artificial Intelligence so important?

Its importance is due to the fact that:

Integrate your intelligence into products that already exist

The products that we know of can be improved with the inclusion of artificial intelligence. This automation is important to save time and optimize results.

It’s very accurate

Through its artificial neural networks, all the learning obtained is stored in a deep way, and therefore its answers are very precise.

Better use of data

The self-learning algorithm that characterizes AI , allows a quick analysis of the information that is handled in a company. Knowing this data is a great competitive advantage.

Influence decision making

The efficiency shown by computers is of great help in making business decisions. Its accuracy and deep learning are a guide in determining which path to take.

With AI we can quickly identify opportunities, and correct the flaws in our work system. Its learning speed makes all processes more efficient.