To be at the top of the search engine results (also in voice search results) it is necessary to know what the new rules of SEO positioning are. Among the new changes, the preference of users towards voice searches of a website and voice assistants was announced. Either using Google Home  , Google Assistant Google Maps, when you activate Ok google or through other platforms that allow voice searches such as SIRI

This new implementation has changed the way of obtaining traffic to the web thanks to a virtual assistant. That is why it is important to know how does voice search influence your SEO strategy?

We must always take into account other factors that influence our SEO positioning such as loading speed, the responsive design of our website and a good identification in search engines.

What are voice searches?

When a user performs a search from their device through a microphone, or directly from the internet, they are considered to be doing a voice search using voice commands. Google’s voice search is today the most used by Internet users when making a query.
After the information issued is analyzed by the search engine, which issues the most optimized response for your search.

How does voice search influence SEO?

Voice searches directly influence our SEO strategy by causing a change in:

The way of communication

Searching by text is not the same as by voice. The main change is that a voice search is more extensive and users generate their search in question form. Whereas a text search is shorter, and does not contain question marks.

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Search context changes

In voice searches the user expects to get a quick response from Google and depending on the context where they are, they can be very specific. For example, if a person tries to find out where a cafe is located, he can say “Google recommend me a cafe near this place.”

The target audience is different

People who use this medium are usually young people and adults between 25-50 years old. This is the range of users targeted by voice searches. If your business is aimed at this target, it is convenient to make a change in the SEO strategy used.
Digital marketing is constantly changing, and it is necessary to make the necessary adjustments to understand the user, improving SEO positioning.