Business growth comes with several changes. One of them is an expansion of the target customer location. The need to reach more customers forces many modern firms to expand from local search engine optimization (SEO) to national SEO. 

Note that both types of SEO aim to boost the website’s ranking on search engines like Google. On a different note, local SEO is less expensive and competitive than national search engine optimization. Both national and local SEO also have different sizes of the target audience.

How to Expand From Local SEO to National SEO

Expanding to national search engine optimization means that a business will face more competition. Any business should know how to achieve a wide keyword ranking and reach a larger targeted audience.

The following are some tips on how a business can expand from local SEO to national SEO.

Developing a Plan

The right plan will guide a business on how to execute their national search engine optimization. With a proper roadmap, it is easier for a business to avoid mistakes when expanding its search engine optimization.

A good national search engine optimization strategy ensures that a business gains the most traffic and site traction. The strategy prevents anything that could hurt the company’s web traffic and online marketing. 

There are a few things to consider when developing a national search engine optimization plan. The first thing is the organization’s stakeholders. A stakeholder’s role can help a business meet its SEO strategic objective.

Business objectives also matter when coming up with an SEO plan. Several objectives drive different companies to expand their SEO. Among them are increasing web traffic, driving more sales, or pushing the products in a particular geographic area.

A company’s core objectives dictate the SEO plan that a company adopts. Adopting such objectives means it’s easier for the firm to execute the developed plan successfully.

Shifting to Broad Keywords

SEO expansion implies a boost to the company’s web ranking. The company has to conduct thorough keyword research. Coming up with the right keywords is not always easy for businesses expanding their search engine optimization. 

There are several ways to help any business combat such challenges. The first thing is to do thorough homework on various potential SEO topics, descriptions, and keywords. 

One can also utilize various keyword resources like Google Search Console and Google My Business. The website performance determines the keywords presented by such resources. Terms regularly searched by the customers also determine the keywords that the resources could present.

The company’s website should also describe all available products and services. Described services and products on the website are high-intent keywords. The customers are likely to search them after visiting the firm’s website. 

Searching the competitors’ websites also helps businesses determine the right keywords. The method enlightens a company about the keywords featured in their competitors’ best blogs and guest articles.

One should consider the volume and difficulty of the identified keywords. The keywords should be clear and understandable to the customers that search them.

Generating More Content

National search engine optimization requires a company to create more content. More content will cater to the needs of the larger targeted audience. 

An increase in content also converts the company’s web traffic into leads. The content should be simple, educational, clear, and relevant. Adequate content gives new customers more insights into the products and services offered by the company. 

Several things can help a business create the right content for its SEO expansion. The first thing is to be clear about the search information and call-to-action. A great and relevant topic is also necessary for creating quality content when expanding SEO. 

Visuals make written content appealing, understandable and diversified. There is a range of visuals a business can use to complement its content. Examples are charts, memes, screenshots, photos, and infographics. 

Developing a Great Website Architecture

Improving the company’s site structure is key when expanding to national search engine optimization. A better website structure attracts more visitors, resulting in increased web traffic. The customer experience also improves. 

Several things help businesses create the right website structure. One of them is the competitor’s website, which can enlighten a business about the best structure.

Page categorization also helps a business develop a good web structure. A clear URL structure and a connection between internal links and web pages also help develop a good web architecture. 

Grow to National SEO

National SEO helps a business reach targeted customers from across and beyond the national level. Expanding to such SEO is necessary for businesses in their growth and maturity stages. Businesses expanding to national search engine optimization should focus on their brand.

Using brand and business names as the first keywords for SEO increases the company’s ranking. Unlike local SEO, establishing national search engine optimization takes quite some time. The high number of businesses ranking nationally also makes competition quite stiff.