In recent years, the development of our sector has been unstoppable. Today there are countless schools and related training options and there are already many professionals with years of experience. But there is still a gap between the talent available and the needs of companies Do not hesitate: a   well-prepared digital marketing team is worth its weight in gold, so we give you the keys to identify and hire the professionals you need.

Before we start: what do you need from your digital marketing team?

In order to properly define the profiles that we need to hire, we must first be clear about these points:

  • Objectives : what would you like to achieve with your digital marketing team? Digital marketing goals should be aligned with the  company’s  overall marketing goals and follow the famous acronym SMART (Strategic, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Deadline). For example, your goal might be to get 100 qualified sales leads per month.
  • Channels : Trying to cover too many  channels  at once is a strategic mistake, especially for small and medium-sized companies. It is better to start with a few channels that fit with the objectives that we have set ourselves and with the profile of our  ideal audience , and try to grow little by little from there.
  • Budget : the budget is an essential factor in determining how many people we can include in our digital marketing team and what conditions we can offer them. It is important to bear in mind that we can outsource certain services through freelancers, especially if they will only be necessary for specific campaigns or if they do not justify a full-time job.
  • Resources : Sometimes the best solution is not to hire someone from scratch, but to train an existing employee in digital marketing. After all, they know the company and its ways of doing it better than anyone. The most important thing is that they have the right attitude to turn their career around and are willing to continuously recycle.

The profiles for your digital marketing team

A full service digital marketing team should have these 9 profiles:

  1. Project manager . Often times the digital marketing team has to cater to the needs of many departments at once and needs to prioritize effectively. The project manager is in charge of managing and coordinating everything so that the work is carried out effectively.
  2. Digital strategy . We have already seen that the   digital marketing plan has to fit within the overall marketing plan of the company. The digital strategist ensures that the course is not lost in the day-to-day tasks. Among its tasks we can find the identification of buyer personas, the design of the customer journey or the measurement of  KPIs .
  3. Content creator . Normally, this profile corresponds to an expert in writing who is capable of writing different types of content, from blogs to emails and ebooks to video scripts.
  4. Graphic designer . The visual elements of digital marketing are essential to show your brand and stand out from all the internet noise. A good graphic design professional will help you create a coherent brand identity and transmit it in all your content.
  5. SEO expert . If you’re not on the first page of Google, it’s almost as if you don’t exist. That is why you need a profile that helps you achieve the best possible positioning and optimize all your content to appear in the most frequent searches in your sector.
  6. PPC specialist . Along with SEO,  SEM  and  display campaigns  are a very important channel to generate traffic to your website. This type of marketing requires investing a lot of time in monitoring, updating, testing and optimization tasks, so it is interesting to have a profile dedicated to it.
  7. Front-end developer . This profile specializes in creating calls to action and  landing pages , implementing structured data, and designing all kinds of forms and pop ups.
  8. Email marketing  and  marketing automation specialist  . It’s hard to imagine a digital marketing strategy that doesn’t include an email database. And increasingly, it is impossible to conceive of digital marketing without automation.
  9. Social media manager . Finally, our  dream team  would not be complete without the famous community manager, who is in charge of boosting the brand’s presence on social media.

If you’ve been a bit overwhelmed, take it easy! This does not mean that you have to hire 9 people full time. It is very common for a single person to perform several functions at the same time. For example, the content manager may also have good SEO knowledge and handle social media outreach.

In the same way, it is possible that depending on your channels and objectives there is a profile that is not necessary or that you can outsource to a freelancer.

How to hire your ideal digital marketing team?

Now that you know what you need from your marketing team, all you need to do is find the last step: find and hire the right people. And yes, easier said than done …

In the end, there are many places and resources than your people or human resources department. You can explore everything from LinkedIn groups to existing worker recommendations. But if you want the best professionals to want to work with you, the key is in a deeper matter:  creating a happy company culture .

In the end, people take our emotions with us to our workplace, and we seek to feel fulfilled and important. Valuing a job well done, communicating continuously with the team, being flexible with schedules, making employees responsible for organizing themselves by objectives … all these are measures that contribute to creating the company in which the digital marketing team of your dreams would want to work.