Mathematics is the workhorse par excellence. Hence, the demand for private teachers of this subject exceeds that of any other.

It is a subject that brings headaches to parents and students in schools and institutes who seek support outside of school hours to prepare homework and exams.

Today on our blog: how to teach effective mathematics

But how do you prepare to teach math ? If you are a teacher and you are passionate about the world of abstract sciences, we recommend these simple tips for you to plan private math classes :

Explain theory and practice:

It is important that you explain both the theory and the practice that appears on the agenda. Your students will thank you. Understanding the theoretical part well is essential to know how to apply it effectively.


Solve problems together with your students

The only way to put the exercises into practice is by solving problems. Solve and explain to your students each step to carry them out. Order the steps and be clean when putting them on paper, so your students can study them later.


Do a preliminary test to know the level of the students

As with languages, in mathematics not all students have the same level. You can take practical tests before you start giving the classes, so you will know what level you are going to face and what classes you have to prepare for.


Correct the homework

Your students will face the exams alone, so it’s not too much to send them homework to do by themselves at home. The important thing is that you correct them and explain the mistakes to them so that they don’t make them again.

You will make your private math classes much more practical by correcting exercises. Combine theory with practice and prepare your students for exams.


Motivate the student

A motivated student will be much more productive. You may find students who are disillusioned with the subject or who have little interest in studying mathematics.

If you transmit your enthusiasm, knowledge and motivation, everything will be easier. It will also help if you tell an anecdote or make the classes more enjoyable.


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