For companies it is very important to be able to promote their products and achieve the desired reach. Thanks to the Ads campaigns, it is possible to segment the audience, increasing the leads .

There are many platforms that offer us the possibility of investing in advertising when running a campaign. This time we will tell you why to invest in Ads and how it would benefit your company.

What are Ads?

They are paid publications or advertisements made through social networks or the search engine; They respond or are designed based on different objectives and their purpose varies depending on them: to get new customers, sell more products, grow our database. The reasons for investing are many, so a study must be carried out to define some characteristics of the campaign and indicate, among other things, the scope and purpose of it.

Among the main platforms to make Ads are:

Facebook Ads

One of the most used social networks in the world has its advertising platform , (which is at the top of the so-called Social Ads or Social Advertising) to connect with your ideal audience. Another interesting factor is the great segmentation of groups when defining our public or target of the campaign, we can choose between age, sex, geographic location, interests and many other factors, which gives us advantages when investing now that we can choose where, when and how (choosing the most suitable locations) to show our ads.

Instagram Ads

With the help of videos and images, the brand can be promoted effectively through this social network. Best of all is the possibility it offers to link with Facebook. It is a very powerful tool to help you reach more customers and it is one of the positive reasons to invest in Ads.

Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords)

It is Google’s platform to include advertisements , with the aim of generating more traffic to your website and achieving previously established marketing and sales objectives. To capture the interest of users, both images and videos are often used. Although Google has a third option, which is the search network campaigns in which you pay to appear in the top positions in the search results of this famous search engine.

Why invest in Ads?

One of the main reasons to pay for advertising is the ability to get quick results through its implementation. Investments in Ads have the ability to reach the right audience and generate interactions. It also allows us to broaden ideas to offer content that is valuable and of interest to users.

On the other hand, the profitability of the company can be positively affected by making an investment in Ads campaigns of any type, with an increase in sales, brand awareness or greater traffic to the website, among other things. We must take advantage of the full potential that Ads offer us to make ourselves known, connect with the audience and improve conversions.