Knowing the 5 marketing trends 2020 will help us prepare all our digital marketing or online marketing strategies (both inbound marketing and outbound marketing) around the new changes. Voice searches, influencer marketing, artificial intelligence, keyword research (a classic), Siri or Cortana, email marketing, and other marketing trends, today improve the user experience; For this reason and so that you do not invest millions of hours of video analyzing marketing trends, we will tell you the main trends around social media marketing or social media marketing, content marketing and some other trends of those millions of users that every day they connect to the internet.

Shoppable post

From social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, it is already possible to make purchases without having to leave them.

Yes! now e-Commerce can include the purchase link in the post labels, to direct users to the selected product file and complete the purchase.

If you have not yet updated, it is convenient to include it in the marketing strategy as soon as possible.


For years, Storytelling has allowed us to effectively communicate the values ​​of the brand and seduce potential customers, but in 2020 this changed.

With StoryScaping we can give greater prominence to the history of our clients and reflect how they have become the hero of their history thanks to our brand.


Being able to find valuable content related to products, services or about your brand and relate it to something that is being viral on social networks, is an opportunity that we cannot miss.

In 2019 we noticed the reach obtained by the trending topic # 10yearschallenge, where several brands managed to link to this conversation, having greater visualization by their users.

Customer Service as one of the  5 marketing trends for 2020

A personalized attention from Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger is being used by many brands to respond quickly to customer requests. And that is why it is on this list of 5 marketing trends for 2020.

At Vodafone Germany , they have been able to use the WhatsApp service to have a closer contact with their consumers, and answer questions and concerns about their company’s services and products.

Value content

Valuable content is from your website and will continue to be a key element to attract and keep users interested in your products and services, thus maintaining your competitive advantage. For this reason, it is so notorious that as a brand you continue to invest in content (choose the type of content well) in your annual strategies.

Being able to focus more on the interests of the users and less on the brand will allow us to offer valuable content.

To keep your brand well positioned in the market, you must implement these trends in your marketing strategy, improving the profitability and scalability of your business. If you have already implemented it, let us know how it went!