The need to be taken care of without wasting time has become a priority for consumers, and companies know it. With the help of Chatbots (based on artificial intelligence) the interaction between audience-brand will be more effective.
If you want to know what a chatbot is, and how it can be an effective method to connect with your audience, we will tell you here.

What are Chatbots?

They are interfaces programmed to respond adequately and immediately to the questions posed by a user. Thanks to this technology, response time is speeded up, creating a better relationship with the audience.

How to connect your audience with Chatbots?

To increase the connection between your brand and the audience with Chatbots you will have to define the following:

Purpose of the bot

There are many types of bots, but the most used are informational and service bots. Depending on the type of business you manage, it is possible to include some of them, so that you can respond efficiently to the requests of your clients.

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Application to associate with the Chatbot

Nowadays, the choice of the application or applications to associate with the Chatbot will depend on your Buyer Persona and the platform that your business uses the most at that moment, a little also on our tastes. Among the most used are Facebook Messenger and Slack messenger as messaging applications with great advantages with more and more new possibilities.

Chatbot Personality

The most important thing is that the messages that are programmed there can reflect the personality of your brand, nowadays artificial intelligence allows us to give quick and simple answers. From the tone used to communicate, to the design of its interface, it plays a fundamental role in connecting with your audience. Tip: it is not enough to know that it is your own Chatbot or how Chatbots work, you have to configure it very well.

Creation platform

There are platforms with intelligence software where there are many resources to create a Bot that can hold a conversation, but others not so much. It will be essential to define which one to use to increase the SEO Positioning of your brand. Also take into account if it helps us improve customer service, improve the user experience and understand how Chatbots work in customer service and the conversational experience. One of the great advantages is being able to design an experience with structured messages capable of offering quick answers such as our phone number or a location to our potential clients.

Bot conversations

In most cases the platforms will be able to guide you on how to govern the flow of the conversation, but you also have the option of including new questions. The idea is that the bot can offer an efficient solution to user input.
The ability that Chatbots offer to solve problems quickly and effectively, makes them a very interesting element in the connection and loyalty of users. For this reason, more and more brands decide to include it in their marketing strategy.