Five steps that will help you create a business from scratch and in an orderly manner

Creating your own business, and doing it from scratch, requires going through different stages: you have to outline the idea well, do a lot of numbers and design a good business plan, complete paperwork, seek financing … but when you finally see your business up and running you start to get profitable the feeling is unique. So if you want to take advantage of this new 2020 to enter the entrepreneurial universe, do not be overwhelmed, put your ideas in order and take note of these steps to create a company .

1. Sharpen your idea well. 

By now I’m sure you have your business idea clear but we want to insist that you use all the resources at your fingertips to outline it as best as possible; explore every nook and cranny to find details to help you improve it, and make sure that this good idea can also turn out to be a good deal . In any case, keep in mind all the advice that we have given you from business-spot because they will help you with your goals.

2. Design a complete business plan. 

The business plan is the launch pad for your business project: it is essential so that you can see in advance what your real options are, your weaknesses and threats, your strengths and, what interests us most, your opportunities. This tool is a test bench with which you can simulate the operation of your company in all possible situations so that you can anticipate the most appropriate decisions without risk. But it is also one of the keys that can open the door to financing your business. This document will allow you to define everything you need to get your company up and running with guarantees.

3. Be methodical with the paperwork. 

Although the word throws you back and is often synonymous with boredom, it is very important that you bring out the methodical person in you and complete the procedures to create a company with all the diligence of which you are capable. Here are some of the things you will have to do, if you decide, for example, to be an individual entrepreneur:

-Presentation of the census declaration and registration in the census of employers, professionals and retainers.

-Registration of the self-employed professional in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA).

-Registration in the Social Security, and assignment of the mutual insurance company that will cover contingencies due to work accidents or illness.

-Affiliation and registration of the company in Social Security (in case you are going to hire someone).

-Formification of employment contracts in the Lanbide offices or in the Navarre Employment Service.

Don’t panic! Remember that, in any case, you have us at your disposal to help you and clarify all the doubts that arise about how to create a Limited Company, what is the personal income tax that you must pay if you are self-employed, what taxation you must face if you are a businesswoman individual or you have a company and, in general, the requirements to create a company .

4. Look for financing. 

Your business is already taking shape, but how do you plan to finance it? There are many financing formulas, from the classic triple F (Fools, Family and Friends) to business angels, microcredits, crowdfunding, crowdlending, crowdsourcing … At this point, the best thing you can do first is turn to business-spot to discover and explore the financing formulas and the grants and aid that you have at your disposal. You just have to enter the tab dedicated to the Subsidies chapter and check if you can benefit from any.

5. Consolidate and strengthen your business .

Zorionak! You have already managed to start your business but do not trust or relax because there are still things to do: it is time to consolidate it to breathe vitality into it and, of course, make it profitable. And for that you have at your disposal all the tools that business-spot offers you: from the consolidation workshops to the qualified help of mentors and all the Consulting services offered by Consulting Pro de Laboral Kutxa.

If you need more information about any aspect of requirements to create a company, do not hesitate to contact business-spot : we will offer you the help you need and we will accompany you at all stages of your business.