There is a lot of competition today in the online streaming sector. New sites are emerging every day with new features and many of the old sites are becoming obsolete. In this time of cut-throat competition, it is very hard for a site not just to stay relevant but also constantly adapt and grow according to the changing environment. The sites that are able to do this successfully, go on to become huge household names in the streaming world.

One website that has been able to make a good name for itself in a short span of time is FIlmygod.

What is Filmygod?

If an individual is in search of a movie website where he or she can get access to the cinema of various Indian film industries like Bollywood, Kollywood, Pollywood and Tollywood, the user needs to look no further than Filmygod. Filmygod is an illegal film site that gives a platform to movies from all corners of the country. People can find movies on this site that might not have been watched by a large number of people in the country. There are also some movies that do not get a huge theatrical release due to their short budget and thus, do not get the credit that they deserve. These movies and documentary films get a second life on torrent websites like Filmygod. This is because although these films cannot earn money from these illegal sites, they manage to reach out to wider audiences through word-of-mouth and thus garner a fan following. This helps the filmmakers when they are about to release their next film as people are already familiar with their work and have been waiting for some time for the next movie.

In order to avoid the regulatory authorities of India, the site keeps changing the title of its domain. This helps the site in staying active and accessible to the public.

Features of Filmygod

We have made a list of qualities that the Filmygod website has that can help in convincing the new users as to why Filmygod is a great movie platform. The following are the features:

  • There is no monetary transaction involved when it comes to accessing the Filmygod website to stream or download good quality films or TV series. Everything on the site is open to the public for free.
  • On this site, a person has the option of choosing the resolution that he or she wants to watch the movie in. Depending on the computer specifications, the strength of the internet connection and the data package, a person can make a suitable choice for the resolution of the movie.
  • There are high definition prints of various movies available on the Filmygod website. A person can either stream these HD prints online or he or she can download the video files on the computer system.
  • The video database of the Filmygod site has movies in various regional languages like Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Hindi etc. A person can also watch movies of other languages in his or her native language with the help of the dubbing feature.
  • There is no reason for a person to sign up or register himself or herself on the site in order to gain access to the video library of the site and to stream videos online.
  • There might be people who are not much interested in movies. Some might like TV series, some daily soap operas, some short films and there might be others who are interested in animation videos like animes and cartoons. The site has a good collection of all these different types of content on the platform.


Although this article provides ample information about streaming sites like FIlmygod, a person should do his or her own research and make an informed decision as to whether he or she really wants to use these illegal streaming sites to watch movies or not.

How to Access the Filmygod Website

Although a person can just put the name of the site in the search engine and press ‘Enter’ to visit the site, we advise using a VPN software. This will help the users in hiding their IP addresses from the regulatory authorities who are constantly trying to put a ban on these sites.

Alternative Websites for Filmygod

As the site is illegal, it constantly suffers from some technical or legal issues. So, there are often times that the site is not at all accessible to the users who desperately want to use the site to watch their favorite movies. In those cases, the following list of websites can be helpful in fulfilling your need for entertainment:

1. Bollyshare

The first website to make its way to this list of websites that can be used in place of Filmygod is Bollyshare. It can be inferred from the name that the site is a good place for people who are in love with Bollywood movies. Bollywood movies are not only popular in India. There are fans of Bollywood spread in large numbers in different countries of the world. There are TV channels in different countries that are solely dedicated to movies that come out of Bollywood. The amount of exciting and entertaining content that the Bollyshare website offers t its users is just overwhelming. There are so many good movies on the platform that a person can spend years on the site and never get bored with the quality of content. Bollywood is an industry that has been operating for many decades. Many of the Bollywood film streaming sites on the internet only offer movies that have been released in recent years and are trending right now. There is no depth in the video directory of these films. But Filmygod is different than these sites, at least in this matter. The site gives as much attention to the movies of the past decades like the 60s and 70s as it does to the now trending big-budget blockbuster films. So, this is a site that people of all ages can enjoy. Movies of this site can be watched by you, your children and even your parents.

2. Downloadhub

This is a website that can be used by people who are more comfortable in downloading video files on their computer systems and watching them later as opposed to streaming them online. This is because there are several issues associated with streaming a film online. A person can face the problem of pop up ads while streaming a film. These ads pop up randomly between the movie and can ruin the mood of the users. There might also be some glitching or buffering issues that might annoy the users. It is these instances that make people choose Downloadhub as they feel it is better to download the movie on the system and watch it whenever you want to at your convenience. The site is very reliable and the users get quite comfortable with it very fast. The user interface of the site also plays a big role in this as it allows users to effortlessly surf the site for various movies and TV shows. This is a site that does not only engage with content that is produced in India. Films and TV shows from other countries are also placed on the front page of the platform by the site. Not only does the site possesses quantity in terms of content, but it is also as good in terms of quality. The audio and video quality of the video files present on the site is a good as any other illegal streaming site on the internet. The video files of the movies and web series are also very small in size and it does not take a user much time to download a new movie or a new episode of your favorite TV show.

3. Worldfree4u

The next website that makes it entry into the list of illegal streaming sites that can replace Filmygod is Worldfree4u. The site has one of the most extensive and amazing video databases among the top streaming sites on the internet. This is a place where a person can find cinema from various different countries of the world. All of these amazing features and services of the Worldfree4u website can be used by people free of cost. This is a site that is known for being safe and secure to the users and providing them a safe environment where they can peacefully watch their beloved movies without any interruption. The design of the Worldfree4u site is also great and increases the overall value and appeal of the site. There are many people living in India who do not enjoy a high speed internet. Nor do they have a large data limit on their mobile phones. These people face several restrictions while using the internet. For them, Worldfree4u is a great website as the video files of the movies present in the video library of Worldfree4u are not very large in size and can be downloaded smoothly on mobile phones and computer systems. The site also has a very well curated video collection of films from the Bollywood film industry. The site has down this because it knows how big an industry Bollywood is and it knows that having Bollywood content on the site will bring in a lot of users to the site. In order to be safe while using the Worldfree4u website, a person should surf the internet and find a VPN software that will block the IP address of the user and protect the user from the regulatory authorities of the country. There are multiple download links present with every film on the site. This is because no site can ever be perfect on the internet. Worldfree4u might face some issues when a person tries to download a video using a download link. Thus, for backup, the site has put in place multiple links so that a user can download the film he or she wants without struggling much.

4. Tamilgun

Now, this is a site that is a great example of how focusing on a small section of the total user market can also lead to success. A site does not need to have all kinds of content on the platform in order to be successful and popular. In fact, a site having a wide variety of content can work against it if it does not know how to properly manage it. Tamilgun is a site that has given its attention to the cinema that is being produced in the Tamil film industry. In this industry, films are being made in the Tamil language. So, people living in that part of the country are always looking for good platforms where they can watch Tamil films. Tamilgun has helped the Tamil films in reaching a wider audience as there are dubbed versions of Tamil language films present in the video directory of the platform. Thus, people who do not know or speak Tamil are also able to watch the cinema of that part of the country. In spite of the fact that the Tamilgun website promotes the act of piracy and is illegal, it does not affect the user base and the amount of traffic that the site witnesses every day even a bit. The site is not narrow-minded in its vision. This is clear from the fact that although the site has the word ‘Tamil’ in it and mainly focuses on Tamil language films, there are films from Bollywood and Hollywood that are present on the site and that can be watched or downloaded by users without paying any money. A large number of the movies and web shows that are there on the site have high definition video quality.

5. Dvdplay

One of the most popular and the fastest growing sites in the streaming sites is Dvdplay. The site has everything going for him. It has an amazing video database that appeals to each and every person who visits the site. The interface of the site also makes people comfortable and helps them in learning how exactly the site works and how a person can download videos from the Dvdplay site. The site also has done a tremendous job of segregating and dividing the entire video directory of the site into different categories like action movies, thriller movies, English language movies etc. Filters present on the homepage of the site make the searching process easier for the newcomers. There are many websites where a person will be able to easily find English and other international web series. But that is not the same in the case of Indian TV shows and web series. These are hard to find and even if a site does have them, the video and the audio quality is very poor. Dvdplay is a place where people can watch different types of Indian TV content like shows, daily soap operas, award show functions, ads etc. If a person wants to watch a series like Money Heist and Stranger Things legally on the internet, he or she will have to spend money to buy a subscription of the OTT platform named Netflix. But on Dvdplay, these series can be binge-watched for free.

6. Movieninja

Another big name in the streaming market is Movieninja. This is a site that has been slowly and steadily cultivating a fan following for itself over the past few years and has now become a household name in the world of streaming. When a person opens this site, he or she at first is left speechless at the number of amazing movies that are present n the first page of the site. These movies are shown by attractive thumbnails that make the movie look good and exciting. The site is considered secure for the users as Movieninja updates itself on a regular basis and keeps removing any type of malware that might be present on the site. The site allows people to watch movies in HD quality. The speed of the servers of Movieninja is fast and thus, does not cause any problem during the streaming of a film.

7. Jalshamoviez

As there are sites that focus solely on the cinema that is being made in the Southern part of India, there are also illegal websites on the internet that are dedicated to showcasing movies made in the Bengali language. Jalshamoviez is one such film site that puts on display Bengali movies that are critically acclaimed and that need to be watched by people are around the country. Satyajit Ray, who is considered a pioneer and the most influential figure in the Indian cinema made a lot of Bengali language films in his lifetime. These movies find a place in the video directory of the Jalshamoviez website. There are different categories present on the site that highlight the range that the Bengali cinema has in terms of its content. The site can be accessed by any person sitting in any corner of the world. If a person is interested in watching Bengali cinema but he or she is not familiar with the Bengali language, then the person can use the features of subtitles that is present on the site in order to watch these films. One disadvantage that the site has is that due to the fact that the site mainly deals with Bengali cinema, the number of users that visit the site is small as the Bengali film industry does not enjoy a huge fan following across the country.

8. Pagalworld

The last site on this list is for all the crazy people out there who are not satisfied with just one form of entertainment. They are not interested in just movies. They also want to watch music videos, listen to mp3 songs of their favorite artists, watch trailers of the movies that they are eagerly waiting for, play engaging video games etc. No illegal streaming site on the internet can guarantee full safety for the users but Pagalworld is as safe as an illegal site can be. Movies with different video resolutions can be found on the site. A person can choose between different formats like 1080p, 720p, HDrip, Dvdrip, 360p and 480p. Apart from the video quality, the movies present on the Pagalworld site also possess a great audio quality that gives the users an almost cinematic experience while watching a film.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Filmygod

1. Does Filmygod charge any money from the people?

Answer – No, FIlmygod does not charge any money from its users and allows people to use its services for free.

2. Can I watch a movie online on Filmygod?

Answer – In terms of watching a movie, Filmygod provides two options to the users. First is that people can download the file and watch it on their computers offline. The other option is of streaming which allows users to watch the movie live on the website.

3. Is the Filmygod site unsafe?

Answer – There is no website on the internet that is completely safe as big websites like Twitter and Facebook also get hacked from time to time. But, in terms of illegal movie streaming sites, Filmygod is considered to be a safe option.


We support the filmmakers of the country and believe in watching movies ethically. This article has been written solely for informational purposes.