Every person gets some time in a day which he or she likes to spend on leisure activities. Some people read books, some people go out to meet friends and some have other hobbies like cycling, working out, or swimming. A large number of people in India love spending their spare time watching movies. Movies help relieve stress and make them happy. That is why India produces the largest number of films in the entire world.

A majority of the Indian population cannot afford to frequently watch movies in multiplexes or single screen theatres as the tickets are expensive and the snacks are not cheap either. The best way for them to enjoy Bollywood films is through illegal film websites present on the internet that provide various types of movies from different countries on its platform.

If a person is looking for a good movie site on the internet, he or she should definitely give a try to Mkvcinemas.

What is Mkvcinemas?

Mkvcinemas is a very popular name in the torrent industry and is visited by a lot of people who are interested in illegally downloading torrent files of their favorite films or TV shows. The video collection of the Mkvcinemas site possesses diversity and a wide range of movies that cover all the major genres that are present in the world of cinema. The site is very fast and allows a person to smoothly stream a movie online. If a person prefers to download a film instead of watching it online, then the site also provides that option to the users. People can download high definition prints of the latest movies in a very short span of time. All a person needs is a computer system and a decent internet network and he or she is good to go.

Features of Mkvcinemas

Below is a list of features that have been the reasons behind the success of Mkvcinemas:

  • You can find the recently released and trending movies on the front page of the Mkvcinemas website. Apart from movies, the site also hosts various popular web series like Breaking Bad, The Wire, Stranger Things, Black Mirror and Money Heist on the platform.
  • People are attracted to the Mkvcinemas website not only because of the video content that it possesses in its database. There is also a significant amount of content on the site for people who are interested in music and are always on the lookout for new and underrated songs and music artists.
  • Every video that is uploaded on the Mkvcinemas site has multiple video formats along with it. A user, according to his or her preference, can choose the video format he or she wants to watch the movie in.
  • The video database of the site is vast and a user will never run out of interesting things to watch on Mkvcinemas. In order to make things easier for the users, the site has separated movies into various different categories.
  • From time to time, the site keeps getting blocked or shut down by the Indian Government and other regulatory authorities. So, in order to stay alive, the site keeps changing its URL address. This allows the public to still access the site despite the constant attempts by the government to block it.
  • The user interface of the Mkvcinemas comes as a delight especially to the users who are visiting the site for the very first time. An individual is able to download and stream a movie by just doing a few clicks on his or her computer mouse.
  • There are videos of different resolutions present on the site like 1080p, 720p, HDrip, 480p, Dvdrip, 360p etc.


Piracy of copyrighted content is illegal and is a punishable offence. There are a lot of people who work hard to bring a film to life. These movies deserve to be watched in multiplexes and single screen theatres. So, people should avoid these illegal film streaming sites.

How to Access the Mkvcinemas Website?

The process of opening the Mkvcinemas website is not as easy as it looks. A person cannot simply type the name of the website in the search engine and just search for the site. A person needs a VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPN serves two purposes. Firstly, it allows people access to these illegal streaming websites and secondly, it also protects the users from the regulatory authorities by hiding the individual’s IP address.

Alternative Websites for Mkvcinemas

Mkvcinemas is not the only good website for watching films on the internet. There are many other sites that are as good or even better than Mkvcinemas at providing top quality entertainment to the users. So, even if you are comfortable with the Mkvcinemas website, we still advise you to visit these websites at least once to see what you are missing. Below is the list of these websites:

1. Isaimini

Isaimini is the first name that finds its mention in this list of great alternatives of Mkvcinemas. The site has been around for quite some time and specialises in content that comes out of the South Indian film industry. If you are a person who wants to save money on movie theatres, then this site is for you as you can watch high quality movies sitting at your home for free. This is the era of web series. Different countries are coming up with innovative ideas and making web series that are becoming popular globally like Money Heist, Dark, Narcos and Sacred Games. But the thing with these web series is that a person has to pay money to OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime in order to watch them. But Isaimini uploads these series on the platform for free. All the episodes of the series are present on the site and that too, with good audio and video quality. If you are a person who wants to explore Indian cinema and watch regional films of different languages, Isaimini is a great match for you as it has movies in Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi etc. The feature that has been a major contributor to the success of Isaimini is the fact the site does not take even a day to upload the newly released films on the platforms. Thus, people rush to the site in large number whenever a new film releases in theatres. Other than movies and TV series, there are also animated movies, cartoons, animes, audio songs etc. on the platform.

2. Dvdplay

The second name on this list of alternatives for Mkvcinemas was Dvdplay. This is a very good option for users in case they are unable to access the Mkvcinemas website due to some technical reasons. This is a good platform for watching masterpieces from Hollywood and Bollywood. There are not many torrent websites on the internet that provide the option of online streaming to users. But the Dvdplay site is different in this matter as it allows people to stream movies online. This is good for people who cannot wait to download the movie on their devices and want to watch it quickly on the internet. Most of the video files that an individual will find on the site are in high definition video and audio. This provides for a superior cinematic experience for people at home.

3. Bolly4u

This is the best spot for all the Bollywood lovers that are living in India or abroad. Bollywood has transcended the geographical boundaries of India and is now popular among the public of various different countries like The United Kingdom, Turkey, the United States of America etc. For people who are interested in watching Bollywood cinema for free on the internet, there is hardly any option better than Bolly4u. Bolly4u is a site where people can go and download the torrent files of the movies that they want to watch. In order to access the Bolly4u website, a person needs to have a strong internet connection on his or her computer. High speed internet allows the site to function more efficiently and provide a better experience to the users. The site has a video library that contains movies of various different genres like crime, drama, thriller, musical, comedy etc. So, there is something for every individual on this site and that is why the site sees a huge amount of traffic every day on its platform. This is a great place for people who are in love with movies and just cannot get enough of the cinema.

4. HDfriday

Today, the momentum in the entertainment industry is slowly shifting from movies to web series. More and more people are interested in watching a new series that might take a week to finish instead of a film that only lasts a couple of hours. Binge-watching at home is becoming more popular nowadays than going out to watch a movie in theatres. Even the biggest film stars of Bollywood like Saif Ali Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Manoj Bajpayee, Emraan Hashmi are doing web series now instead of movies. So, web series are slowly becoming bigger than movies in India. But these web series are not free to the public, at least not legally. A subscription fee needs to be paid by people in order to access these series. A lot of people in India cannot afford to pay this fee and thus, are deprived of these amazing shows. These people have no option other than to visit illegal websites to stream these shows. This is where HDfriday comes into the picture. HDfriday is a site that specialises in having Indian web series from different OTT platforms on its own platform. And all this exciting content can be accessed by the public for free. But web series is not all that the site has to offer. Every person has, at one point in their life or the other, watched cartoons religiously and fallen in love with them. They are a part of their childhood. HDfriday hosts a lot of cartoons on the site which people can watch to relive their childhood days. Animes are another type of entertaining video content that has been gaining a lot of traction around the world. The fan base for animes like Death Note, One Punch Man and Naruto is increasing day by day. All the anime lovers in India can find all their beloved anime cartoons on HDfriday.

5. Besthdmovies

Another great website on the internet that can be used by the public in order to stream and enjoy movies of their choice is Besthdmovies. The site is a great option for people who are now bored with the Mkvcinemas website are now looking for something different and exciting. The site has been named as such because is a very popular place among people who are lovers of cinema and they do not want to compromise their movie experience by watching a print of inferior quality. That is why Besthdmovies only has high definition prints of movies available on the platform. There are a lot of websites that promise high quality prints of movies on their site but most of these sites fail to deliver on their promise. But that is not the case with Besthdmovies. That is the reason behind the success and popularity of Besthdmovies. When a person is downloading a movie, he or she builds a lot of hype and expectations about the movie in his or her mind that the movie will be amazing and the video and audio quality will be superb. But if the video print does not live up to these expectations of theirs, they get really disappointed. Besthdmovies does not give any reason for its users to get disappointed or annoyed with the site. A person does not need to worry about these things and can blindly trust the site to provide great quality prints to him or her in small file size.

6. Hindilinks4u

Although there are several regional industries that are growing significantly and are producing great cinematic films frequently, the Hindi film industry still remains the biggest producer of films in India. But the site does not ignore the other film industries in India as there are Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu and Tamil films present on the site. In cinema, the language barrier is coming down slowly and more and more people are becoming open to watching films of a language they are unfamiliar with. This has been possible with the features of dubbing and also subtitles. Thus, a film made in one language has the potential to reach out to a wide range of audiences in the country. Both these features of dubbed films and subtitles are possessed by the Hindilinks4u website. The torrents that a person will find on this site are also healthy and have a decent amount of seeds and peers.

7. Dvdwap

The next name on the list is a website that has cultivated a decent fan following for itself over the past decade or so. If a person is facing difficulty in finding a good torrent site on the internet, then he or she should not think for much longer and should just visit the Dvdwap site. There are various attractive qualities of the Dvdwap website that manage to get the attention of the users. Once people visit the site, they are blown away by the appearance and the user interface of the site and then, they keep coming back to the site time after time to get their fix of cinema. The video library of the Dvdwap is very fast. A person can find almost any movie, old or new, popular or rare, on this site. All he or she has to do is type the name of the movie in the search bar and press the ‘Enter’ key and the site will immediately generate the results that the user wants to see. This site is the perfect option for people who are new to the world of the internet and have just recently started using illegal streaming sites to stream and watch films and TV series.

8. Putlocker

The next website that finds its mention in this list of great substitutes for Mkvcinemas is Putlocker. Putlocker is arguably the most notorious website on this whole list of illegal streaming websites. This is a site that has won the heart of every person in the country as the site hosts video content that fulfills the wishes of every individual out there. This is a site that has everything. It has the big blockbuster and critically acclaimed movies as well as many of the highest rated web series from around the world. People who are fans of wrestling and watch WWE also visit this site in case they miss the latest episode o their favorite wrestling. The site also has a place for people who are really addicted to daily soap operas. The site quickly uploads the recently released episodes of the popular and trending soap operas on its platform. People who missed the live telecast of an award show ceremony on TV also go to Putlocker in order to watch that ceremony. The amount of traffic that the Putlocker website witnesses every day is way more than most of the popular torrent and streaming sites out there. This is a site where people can also watch a sports event whose live telecast, they missed on the TV due to some reason. This is also a place for documentary filmmakers as their work is also put on display by the Putlocker website. Documentaries are really important as they provide a lot of information to the people out there and also cover a lot of major pressing issues that are not being talked about much by the media. So, it is really great of Putlocker to give a platform to these documentary films on its platform.

9. Snagfilms

The last film to make its entry on this list of websites that people can use in case they are bored with Mkvcinemas is Snagfilms. This is a great website for people whoa re looking for old classic films that are not available on any other streaming site on the internet. Snagfilms has a very well curated video directory that contains cinematic masterpieces from the 50s, 60s, 70s and even 80s. These masterpieces have been gathered from all over the world and cover the work of many famous international directors like Andrei Tarkovsky, Ingmar Bergman, Federico Fellini etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Mkvcinemas

1. How to open the Mkvcinemas website?

Answer – In order to open the Mkvcinemas website on his or her computer system, a user is required to have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) software that will allow him or her to bypass the restrictions that have been put in place by the regulatory authorities of India. This will allow the users to gain access to the Mkvcinemas website and enjoy its content.

2. What is the video format of the movies present on Mkvcinemas?

Answer – There are various options in front of the users in terms of users when it comes to the video format of the films on Mkvcinemas. A person can choose from formats like 480p, 1080p, HDrip, Screener, Dvdrip etc.


Good cinema deserves to be watched by people in theatres so that every person who puts an effort into making the film gets their due. Thus, we should avoid illegal movie sites that the internet today is full of.