Find Similar Sites That Are Popular

Many online searchers usually type in the search bar – Tamil nadu yummy recipes, Tamil Recipes or whatever and get a list of several pages where they can find similar sites. Such a search is nothing new. There have been similar sites for tamil food since decades. What is new is that it has become easier for the sites to provide more information in terms of information on recipes, cooking tips and more. The users no longer have to click a few times in the search bar and get frustrated with the non-product results.


Tamilians are no longer being left out in this race to get authentic Tamil information. In fact, even education institutes are making efforts to provide more information on Tamil cooking and other traditional leisure industries. Tamilian sites are also coming up in the search engine result pages as a result of these efforts. But there is still a limit to these sites and that is – the search engines have yet to recognize all these sites as relevant.

It is not that all these Tamilian similar sites offer duplicate content. Some sites just collect data from different sources and put it all together in one place. This is a good thing because it saves time and effort for users and they are able to have some great finds. In some cases, these sites may be free while some require payment.

Tamilian similar

However, not all the Tamilian similar sites are made equal. Some of them are merely portals created by search engine robots and are not updated regularly. While some others may contain only Tamil material, the contents are usually old and very generalized in nature. So users should exercise caution while they go through such portals.

A lot depends on the category of the sites. The most popular, or most relevant, sites are most likely to be included in the search engine result pages (SERPs). But this doesn’t mean you don’t have other options available. If you want to get high rankings in the SERPs, you need to find some obscure Tamil related sites which can help you out.

T Tamil movie

For instance, there are directories that categorize all the Tamil movies into different categories. So when you do a search for the term “T Tamil movie“, you would get an instant list of related sites. You may even be able to access reviews of the most popular movies. You may be able to find some trailer clips and trailers of upcoming movies. Such directories also provide links to the download sites. Some directories may even allow you to skip to the download section by clicking on the menu option “Skip Intro”.

Some directories also allow users to submit their own listing. The site operators then review these listings and incorporate them into their directory. However, most Tamilian similar sites don’t follow this practice. They usually choose popular directories such as Yahoo! Directory which provides general information on thousands of sites.

As a conclusion, using a paid directory to find a Tamil movie is a good option. You just need to make sure the directory you use has extensive backlinks. It may be worth your while to pay a little fee to find similar Tamil movies in popular categories, but the result will be worth it! After all, you don’t want to waste time trying to find similar Tamil movies among billions of others.

I have been looking for some good Tamil movies since sometime. My friends keep telling me not to look any further. They say it’s hopeless. But I kept looking and found some decent stuff recently. Now I’m not so sure.

There may be sites that cater to your interests. If you browse through a few different Tamil websites, you will probably find plenty that are like-minded. If that’s the case, you should probably stick to those sites. Otherwise you’ll waste your time looking at sites that aren’t similar at all.

There’s one other thing you can do. If you’re into music, why not create a profile on one of the social bookmarking sites. You could link your interests to your music and hope for the best. Just make sure your content is quality.