Movie piracy abides a widespread activity throughout the internet, pirating a movie is a kind of stealing the contents from the hardworking filmmakers. They have shed their sweat and tireless efforts. We can find several illegal websites; hence Movierulz is one among them.

As we all know, the only source of watching movies is either a cinema hall or television. However, nowadays, there are many routes to watch videos, both legally and illegally. Movierulz is one of the notorious illegal websites where you can watch the latest HD movies. It’s a public torrent magnet website that leaks pirated versions of Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, English, Malayalam and other languages on their sites.

About Movierulz 

Movierulz, the name itself, describes that the website is the chief ruler of the pirated movie world. Piracy has formed since a decade ago providing service free of cost, and since most of us want to save money so switch to such illegal torrent websites and to procure the swaged digital booty. As a result, one could face serious repercussions. If you want to acquire such downloading sites, then you can opt for the Movierulz platform.

A public torrent website that provides pirated copies online. A felonious site that provides recently released movies from different film industries, allowing its users to download full movies online in HD formats like 360p, 720p, or 1080p.

Even though there is advice from legal experts that any free streaming or downloading or watching movies online is illegal, still there are users to prefer the Movierulz website.

Disadvantages of Movierulz Websites

  • By pirating a movie, you are predominantly stealing directly from the filmmakers their result of hard work. Hence you are regulating the law by using such websites like Movierulz.
  • As long as sites like Movierulz is concerned, the India Government as banned such websites, but still, its a failure to stop such websites from leaking movies.
  • Some pirated versions contain bugs that pave the way to lose privacy and the theft of your data.
  • As reported by Security Affairs, several popular torrent websites like Movierulz.serves malware to their visitors through adds and download of malicious files.
  • Hence if your wishing to use torrent sites to download free film, you are taking a risk.

How does it operate? 

Referring to the reports, Movierulz operates from unknown areas. The operators of the site are from outside India, whose identity is unknown. The torrent website leaks pirated movies online and upload the pirated version of different language films on their site.

Apart from providing a download link, it delivers a brief synopsis and the running time of the film. Unlike other websites, it uploads theatre print on the release date and converts it into an HD version for the online download process.

Recent Movies leaked by Movierulz website

it is one of the immensely popular sites because of its high audiovisual quality and astounding user interface. Hence you can find unlimited movies of many genres, and It’s a hub of all types of regional, English and all other languages film over a while.

The following is the list of latest movies leaked

  • Super 30
  • Pagalpanti
  • NGK
  • Trance
  • Asuraguru
  • Bala
  • Baahubal
  • Gypsy
  • 1917 Hindi Dubbed
  • Ala Valkunthapurramuloo
  • Adithya Varma
  • Kaapan
  • Avengers Endgame

Is watching movies in Movierulz safe?

As we have already discussed, using a piracy website for streaming and downloading purposes is a crime as per Indian and other countries law around the world, piracy is an offense, Not only uploading even watching is not safe. As per the Anti Piracy act, if a user is spotted surfing torrent or unofficial site as per Government rule, one can be arrested.

Getting a video downloaded from a pirated website is a felony and cheating as per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Hence it is not at all safe to watch movies online as soon as released.

Categories of Moveirulz

Moveirulz has now extended its arms to different categories, and each class has several movie details with a user-friendly option to download easily. Find below the categories.

  • Hollywood movies
  • Bollywood HD movies
  • Tamil Dubbed movies
  • Malayalam HD Wallpapers
  • Telegu HD Movies

Best movie sites to watch free films legally rather than Movierulz

Youtube Free to access movies. Always offers an excellent selection of films that you can access without having to pay a dime. Being add supported it works as same as the other legal movies offering a mass collection of latest movies like Rocky series, Terminator, IP Man, Police Story, and more.

Eventhough the free movies list is not as massive as other movie sites you will find horror films. Comedies, action flicks drama, and children movies. So scout out YouTube’s free movie library.

Popcorn Flix: Is an OTT platform service of Screen Media Ventures LLC, a leading global independent motion picture distribution company. Letting its visitors to stream movies and TV shows for free. Unlike many pirated websites, Popcorn Flix is legitimate and legal. An ad supporting video streaming platform.

Snag Films: Several websites on the internet allow users to watch movie and TV shows online, Snag is somewhat unique among the listed that covers about 2000 movies, TV show episodes, and exclusive original comedy shorts. Snag films online webpage contains thousands of short films, indie films, and documentaries that can be accessed free.

Stream.Free video content on your mobile phone, tablet, desktop, OTT device, or smart TV. Some of the films available on Snagfilms Nanking, Kicking it, Sewing Hope, and more

Tubi: Its a website streaming its service since 2014, and has notched up millions of downloads from both Android and iOS users, And the best part of it is available on a wide variety of devices, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation, and Smart TVs. Can even access through a browser.

Fox Corporation recently purchased tubi, a free streaming service that includes a range of popular movies across many genres; Its small screen options include reality TV, National geographic, kids friend animation.

The platform contains dramatic series from Canadian producer Saftesbuy and even movies like Monster starring Charlize Theron, Sherry baby with Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Various Cons of Movierulz


  • First of all, Movierulz is a promoting piracy site, which is probably illegal
  • It is an add streaming website which is an annoying option
  • Being an unknown source cant guarantee your data been stolen by private sources
  • Should be aware of malware and viruses which can enter your sites through these sites

Now you have got a brief idea about Movierulz and its latest movies downloaded but at the same time, we tend to remind you again that it is an illegal site,  we all are tempted to watch movies freely but as per law it’s punishable. Hence its always safe to go for a legal alternative. Even though we need to pay some lumpsum amount.

Movierulz Legal Alternatives:

As part of legal alternatives, the best option is to watch movies in theatres. It’s a mass effort of filmmakers, actors to make a film which is hard work for thousands of people, so it is our responsibility to watch movies in theatres to avoid the box office losses.

And if you miss watching movies in theatres, there is always an option to watch videos legally by paid OTT apps or platforms. Hence we recommend these apps as they are safe and legal. So to keep you away from illegal sites, we have listed a Movierulz legal alternatives take a look-

  • Netflix
  • Hotstar
  • Mx Player
  • Sony Live
  • Jio Cinema
  • Voot
  • ZEE 5
  • Amazon Prime Video