A responsive web design offers ease of viewing on all types of screen. Regardless of the electronic device from which a user connects (computers, smartphones or tablets), they can always enjoy the content of a website in the best possible way, thanks to its adaptability.

If you are thinking of creating a website or you already have one, you will be interested to know what is a responsive web design?

What is responsive web design?

It consists of designing a website that is capable of adapting to different devices, where it needs to be viewed. The elements are easily adjusted to the width of all screens, allowing users to feel comfortable when viewing content.

Why have a responsive website?

Currently, users prefer to search for information from a mobile device, due to its immediacy, and not from a computer. This indicates that a website that is not responsive has a low probability of survival.

If the user accesses your website and realizes that the contents do not adapt to their screen or are distorted, they will not hesitate for a second to leave the website immediately.

On the other hand, Google supports users. Yes, it has begun to penalize those websites that are not responsive, since they generate a bad experience. So, designing a responsive website is the best decision to adapt to the needs of users and be accepted by the great search platform, Google.

How to know if a site is responsive?

From the browser it is possible to discover if your site has a responsive web design or not. You just have to enter the web and change its size to identify if it has a correct display on the screen.

There are those who prefer to use professional tools to verify whether a website is suitable for viewing on different screens or not.

It is important to mention that responsive design is only done across the page and not across the page. If by changing the resolution, the content still looks good, then there is no doubt that its design is responsive.

Advantages of a responsive web design

Among the main advantages of having a responsive website are:

Allows to improve SEO

A responsive website is fully optimized to improve the user experience and, consequently, favor  your positioning in Google .

In fact, those who do not have a mobile website do not appear in search results. That is why it is so advantageous to define in the marketing strategy that the website design is responsive.

• Greater control of statistics

Websites with responsive design allow us to have good control over the analysis of the statistics. It’s all because web design is presented on a single page and not on several.

By having the whole site merged, it is easier to filter the data to analyze and detail the behavior of the user within the page.

Cost savings

The most attractive thing about responsive pages is their cost. Developing a website adapted for all devices is much less than doing it individually for each device.

How to make my website responsive?

Simple, you just have to contact us by completing the form on our website or from social networks. The development of all Cumboto Digital web pages includes responsive design, to make a more comfortable environment for your users, boost the positioning of your web page and be well seen by Google.

There is no doubt that users’ search preferences have changed the entire web design issue, and business owners need to keep them in mind if they are looking to stay in the market. Responsive webs are the best means to achieve this.