The  mindful marketing  is a new trend that is changing the way we view the digital marketing  and even the very concept of enterprises. It’s about taking a  conscious approach  to marketing, seeking to generate positive social impact and align with the values ​​that matter most to your audience. 

This trend has its origin in  mindfulness , a relaxation technique that encourages us to focus on the present moment and become aware of our emotions and thoughts. Let’s see what exactly mindful marketing is and how we can apply it to our brand.

What is mindfulness and what does it have to do with marketing?

The  Mindfulness  is a  relaxation technique  with origins in Eastern philosophy teaches us to live in the present moment and become fully aware of our emotions. Its goal is to relieve stress by reducing frustration and anxiety caused by situations that we cannot change.

Mindfulness began to become popular in the West in the 1970s, through Jon Zabat-Zinn. Among its many applications, it has been used in the  business world  to reduce stress and foster a good environment, which in the long run has a positive influence on company results.

In the world of marketing, this philosophy translates into managing the company looking at all times for awareness, intentionality and connection. Companies are no longer conceived as money-making machines, but rather as instruments to impact society and cause positive changes. And this is what is known as  mindful marketing or conscious marketing .

Mindful marketing is based on principles such as solidarity or caring for the environment to guide all actions of the company, from the design of products and services to advertising campaigns. The priority is to pay conscious attention to all the effects that the company causes, carefully directing the campaigns to achieve the desired impact.

In turn, mindful marketing also seeks a deeper connection with potential customers, which is not based solely on satisfying their material needs but delves into the values ​​that are most important to them.

How to apply mindful marketing to your company

Part from the bottom

The  mindful marketing  is not a superficial technique but an approach to  rethink the meaning of your own company . It is no longer valid to make sporadic collaborations with an NGO to display your logo next to theirs: you have to think about what you can really contribute to society as a company and take the necessary steps to achieve it.

In mindful marketing, the important thing is not the financial results, but the meaning. Why does your company actually exist? What are the values ​​that define it and how can you put them into practice in your daily activities?


Mindful marketing seeks  to consciously connect with customers . To do this, you have to be able to put yourself in their shoes and know what causes really matter to them.

Today’s consumers, especially younger ones, are no longer just looking for their own benefit, but want to contribute to creating a better world. Environmental causes are especially important to them, but they are not the only ones that concern them.

In the end, if you want to do truly mindful marketing, the first step is being able to listen to people and empathize with them. Only then can you find the things that unite you.

Define your values

Values ​​are like the foundation that underpins any mindful marketing strategy. They are the  principles  that define what we aspire to and guide all our actions.

Defining the values ​​of a company is a very useful exercise to be able to be consistent when preparing our  marketing plans . Ideally, this is an exercise that you should do together with your team, since a conscious company is everyone’s job.

Seek happiness in your company

Mindful marketing should start indoors. If we want to have a positive influence on society, the first thing is to try that the people who work in our company are satisfied with their work and feel fulfilled.

Fostering a  culture of corporate happiness  starts with truly involving your team, listening to them and giving them the freedom to make their decisions. Initiatives such as work for objectives, flexible hours or telework make them responsible for their tasks and help them feel proud of what they do, as well as leaving space to reconcile their personal and professional life.

Be transparent

Mindful marketing seeks to connect with people, and the only way to generate a real connection is through  honesty .

Today’s consumers are very worn out by traditional advertising and know how to quickly detect when a company has double intentions. If you want to reach them, you must be willing to show your flaws and your human side.


It is necessary to have a speech that prioritizes  values ​​and solidarity , but it is useless if you don’t take the steps to demonstrate it. In the end, your commitment must show through  actions  and not just words.

To act effectively, it is necessary to go to the  causes  of the problems and not just stay in the symptoms. What we seek is to generate a stable and long-term change, not a superficial result to “look good”.


After conscious action comes  conscious reflection . Sit down regularly with your team to assess the results of your marketing actions and see if they are correctly aligned with your values.

On many occasions, you will see that you are moving in the right direction. But when this is not the case, don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes and change course. Mindful marketing is not about seeking perfection, but about living in the present moment and  taking conscious steps to change the world for the better .