The SSL certificate or a website has become more important for users who, when accessing a page with the green padlock, feel that they are browsing safely.

And it is that, since the Google update in 2007, users have learned to identify the https initiative on pages with an SSL certificate.

Discover why using SSL certificate on your website will help you improve the positioning and increase the number of sales of your business.

What is the SSL certificate?

The acronym SSL means Secure Socket Layer and consists of an encrypted way to handle your data on a website; but how do you do it? Simple !, the browser maintains a private communication with the web page and takes your data to encode it.

The secure connection between the website and the SSL certificate is made instantly and invisible to the user. Thanks to the encrypted form of the information, it is possible to guarantee that only the user and the website will be able to see the data they are sharing.

What does an SSL certificate contain?

The sockets layers are made up of:
 The name of the holder
• The expiration date
• Serial number
• Copy of the holder’s public key
• The digital signature certified by an authority

What is the difference between the HTTP and HTTPS security protocol?

The main difference is because HTTP websites are no longer seen as secure. They are considered very vulnerable to hacking and exposing both your data and those of your visitors.

In fact, web pages that do not have the https www are marked with a red color so that the user recognizes them and makes the decision to abandon it because they could violate the personal data of their electronic device among other things.

However, it is important to mention that so far the Google browser is the only one that places this alert so that users can identify the secure connection.

Why use an SSL certificate?

There are two important reasons to include an SSL certificate on our website:

1. Prove the identity of the server

Including the https www will help you prove the identity of the server or your business, creating a sense of trust and reliability to those who are using it.

2. Data protection

The encrypted form guarantees the security of the data that is being handled on the website. In fact, if some information were to be intercepted, it will not be possible to decrypt it because they will need to decipher a distinctive key that allows the decoding of the data.

Which SSL certificate to install?

Everything will depend on the website model of your business and the security objectives set with https www. Among the 3 most used are:

• SSL domain validation

This ssl on your website is one of the most basic, and is used to certify that the https initiative belongs to the owner of that domain. It can be used for blogs or personal websites.

• Organizational validation SSL

To increase the credibility of the business, nothing better than this certificate. Include more information about the business and the owner.

• Extended validation SSL

It is one of the most used on the website. Its level of credibility is higher, since users will be able to see the name of the company with the green padlock, and this will generate greater confidence, due to the encrypted form of your data.

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