Letterheads are not just pieces of paper that contain your name, address, and sometimes email address: they can be a great marketing channel for your business if you know how to use them effectively. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to every letterhead design and even get the basics by typing out what is a letterhead.

How To Create a Letterhead

Here are nine examples of letterheads that stand out and can be an example for your next letterhead project.

I have to say there are so many other good-looking letterhead templates on the web, but I’m pretty sure these nine will give you some great ideas for your work.

1. Letterhead with a Frame

If I was a client and I saw this letterhead for the first time, my only thought would be, “Wow! This company knows how to get attention.” When you have so much empty space around your content, it can look so boring. That’s why I think it’s a good idea to introduce something extraordinary between the text lines. In this case, it’s a golden frame that catches the eye without taking away from the beauty of the design.

2. Letterhead With Pattern

It is a good example of how your letterhead doesn’t always have to contain all information, but it can be a stylish way to present your brand. If you’re a fashion designer, letterhead with a pattern can reflect your style and show how creative you are. This letterhead template is from Vistaprint; check them if you need high-quality letterheads at affordable prices.

3. Illustrative Business Letterhead Template

If you have a lot of images, I suggest you use some of them on your letterhead to create a more interesting design. You can choose one or two photos and place them in the background with some text on top of it. This letterhead template is very eye-catchy because multiple colors, fonts, and even shapes make it look unique.

4. Minimalist Letterhead Template with Photo

As you can see, letterheads don’t always have to be super stylish. Sometimes you need a piece of paper that tells your clients how to get in touch with you. You can use simple fonts and color combinations for this kind of letterhead template. If I were to design one, I would probably stick with black, white, and orange to look stylish yet simple.

5. Patterned Letterhead Template

This letterhead design is the perfect example of how important color is on letterhead. If you can choose some contrast colors for your letterhead template, you’ll surely get better results than if you used pastel tones. This way, your clients will be able to read everything on your letterhead easily even when they’re outside in sunlight – that’s why this letterhead template is so effective!

6. Minimalist Letterhead Design for Fashion Company

Whether you’re just starting up or running an established business, customizing your letterheads can only improve your brand’s image because it shows that you care about it. This letterhead design is simple but stylish. It doesn’t need too many colors, fonts, or images because the logo says everything your clients want to know about you!

7. Vintage Letterhead Template

Letterheads are not only pieces of paper that contain important information; they can be a great marketing channel for your business if you use them effectively. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to every letterhead design – just like this vintage one with a floral pattern in the background and the company’s name in the center. Can you imagine how awesome this will look printed out?

8. Minimalist Clipboard Style Letterhead Template

This letterhead template is a very innovative idea. If you’re a company that needs to deliver things in person, this letterhead will make it easier for your clients to notice you. I suggest adding location and contact information on the back of the letterhead so you can be sure everybody who sees it will know where to find you!

9. Retro Letterhead Template

If your company was founded years ago, or you just want to create a vintage letterhead design, retro style is probably right what you’re looking for! These letterheads are popular because they remind people of old times when everything looked simpler than today’s modern world.

Stand Out From The Crowd with Free Letterhead Templates

When creating custom letterheads, there are limitations – you can use any type of paper, any size, and even a shape that you want as long as it fits your needs. You can print them out at home or office printers or ask a company to help you with the design because letterheads are very important for every business, especially if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd!

And there you have it. Nine great letterhead examples plus tips on how they were created so that you can understand what is most effective when designing your letterheads. Get free letterhead templates by checking out the Venngage website today!